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The Doug Boyd Foundation, Inc. was founded in 2007, in that same year, two high school seniors were each awarded a $1,000 scholarship.

The Doug Boyd Foundation

Our mission is to provide financial assistance for scholarships, camps, and other educational activities for youth within our area communities. We also help to provide youth with leadership training and professional development support.


Assisting Young People with Continuing Eduation

Doug Boyd, founder and ceo

Doug Boyd, former mayor of Knightdale, North Carolina, and a retired U.S. Army Colonel, is the founder of Doug Boyd Foundation, Inc.

“During my last year as mayor of Knightdale, I started Doug Boyd Foundation,Inc. to provide financial assistance and scholarships to support higher education and other educational programs for youth in the community.

As a result of this effort,I have been able to assist young people who are desirous of continuing their education but are limited with their finances. These students show both promise and determination

to succeed by school attendance, academic achievement, community leadership, church affiliations, offices held, and possible recommendations from those involved in the child’s life who can attest to the dignity and character of the child.”

Award Ceremony

Award Ceremony

Award Ceremony

Award Ceremony

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